so i haven't posted in here in a while. why? because i've been going through a bit of a drought and also because i've been trying to get my website up and running smoothly. i bought the url over a year ago but i've never felt that comfortable with it until now. after a recent trip to australia my photography itch as become really itchy (...in a good healthy way). anyway i thought i'd post some screengrabs here so you guys can all check it out.


Velvia 100

I had just under half a rolls of a 36 exposure Velvia 100 film left in my OM-2 from an Installation of mine back in November. I totally forgot about it but remembered to take my camera out with me on a few occasions over the summer.
Richard Clare Hauser & Wirth Rooftop Clare Caretakers Belongings Tom Pidgeon Clouds Cookie Churos Brighton


Hello Mexico

Taken from amongst the crowd during last Fridays (23/09/2011) Hello Mexico set supporting Kyte at The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town. They seem to get better and better each time I see them live. I would of got taken some wider shots but it the busiest I think I've ever seen The Bull & Gate so could barely move. Hello Mexico Hello Mexico Hello Mexico Hello Mexico Hello Mexico


Giles on 120 film

I've been meaning to post this for about two weeks but I've really busy sitting around the house watching videos of cats ding funny things on YouTube. Now that I'm working it feels like I finally have enough time to post this. Same setup as the one shot on digital but it looks a million better because it's 120. I really need to use my Kiev more.


Behind The Scenes

I always try to take a few sneaky photos when I'm doing a shoot of the in between moments. Basically the moments I'm not supposed to be shooting.
These are from a shoot I did for my friend Kali. You can check the photos on her website. It's not my usual style as I don't like using studio lights but a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Behind The Scenes
Behind The Scenes



An outake from a shoot I did today. Gonna get the 120 films shots developed tomorrow.


Gazing Glazing Glazed

An installation shot from Robert Pratt's show 'Gazing Glazing Glazed'.
I work with Rob sometimes and he's a really good artist. He's won sculpture prizes so I had a show with Martin Creed recently. He hasn't got a website for me to link you to though.


"footprints in the butter"

Back in March, Matthew Randle had a show at HOME (there website isn't complete yet but have look anyway). He had all the lightbulbs taken out of the space and everyone was given a little LED torch. The torches on button had to held down to work so every now and then people would get tired fingers and the room would go completely black. It was brilliant way of filling the space. Like the work of his I've seen recently, very simple and very effective.
You may recognise the space from when I had a show there back in November. What do you mean it's too dark?
"footprint in the butter"
"footprint in the butter"
"footprint in the butter"
"footprint in the butter"


Giles Bunch: Video

So Giles finally got round to editing and uploading the video mentioned in the previous post. I don't think cinematography is my strong point. Also, that clicking sound is me adjusting the shutter speed / focus.
You should check out the other videos on Giles's (grammar?) Vimeo channel. I think he's the only artist I know who's video work isn't pretentious and he never takes himself too seriously.